Greeting Card Illustration Services and Humorous Card Designs
 Bob Zahn has illustrated greeting cards for Amberley Greetings, American Greetings, and many
 other top greeting card publishers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Illustrating greeting cards is
 a specialty of Bob's and he makes his services available to existing clients and new prospects. If
you'd like a special card created, please email and
you will be contacted as soon as possible regarding your needs.
The existing card concepts presented here, can be used and / or modified
if you wish, and additional samples can be emailed or sent via first class
mail for your consideration. Fees are negotiable for customized cards and
any other questions you have will be answered promptly. For new greet-
ing card publishers, a submission of mock up "dummy" cards or concept
cards can be submitted which normally consist of the rough sketch art-
work on the cover and the gag or punchline on the inside of the "dummy"
sample. If you see something you'd like to use, final artwork for the cover
can be emailed in hi resolution TIFF format or the original artwork can be
 sent to use in your layout. Unused samples can be returned in a self addressed stamped envelope
 which is supplied for your convenience. Thank you!

   The card concepts presented here are copyrighted and protected by copyright law.
   Violators will be aggressively pursued through John Dozier, Internet Law Attorney.



I don't believe in him anymore!

Merry Christmas!

I'm not so sure about a cat!

Thank you! Thank you, very much!

. . . and YOU!

From one old fart to another!

Opening day of mating season!

. . . and all your close friends are celebrating!

...And they've been the best years of my life!

...and think BIG!

she is shown inside of card with larger breasts



        The greeting card samples in the portfolio below are previously
        published works. The artwork should give you an general idea
        as to the line art style and coloring technique. Appearing to the
        right of each image is the text appearing on the inside of the
        card, along with the name of the card publishing company.
        Simply click the illustration thumbnail to enlarge it a bit more.
        If you have additional questions about acquiring customized
        greeting cards, simply email . Thanks!

How stupid was that? Happy Birthday

Published by: Northern Cards of Mississauga, Ontario

Last year he didn't get home until February! Merry Christmas!

Published by: LPG Greetings, Inc.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Published by: Oatmeal Studios of Rochester, VT.

Happy Easter!

Published by: Gallant Greetings Corp.

...wishing you a SPEEDY recovery!

Published by: Marcel - A div. of Schurman Fine Papers.

Breast wishes for a speedy recovery.

Published by: Smart Alex, Inc.

...but anybody who has ever been in bed with YOU knows that. GET WELL SICK-O!

Published by: Marcel

Floyd can't get it up anymore and Betty couldn't care less!


Published by: Crack Ups - A div. of Comstock Cards, Inc.

...personally, I like it more often!


Published by: Marcel


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